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Jun-hao.com or Junhaobusiness.info or Jun Hao, somehow hacked into my hotmail account and sent emails to everyone in my contact list advertising fake Gucci handbags.I have never done business with this company or visited their website.

I never open spam emails so again, I don't know how they accomplished this. This is fraud, people! My friends and family shouldn't be getting emails from "Me" advertising another company's garbage. This is probably a fake company for all I know looking to gather credit card numbers from unsuspecting consumers.

What they did should be illegal since this is a type of identity theft, correct? They "posed" as me and sent advertisements. That's fruad in my book. Do not do business with them.

They probably aren't even a legitimate company. Go buy your fake Gucci handbag somewhere else. They most likely aren't even a real business, just a fake site to steal credit card numbers and information since a real business wouldn't need to commit this type of fraud to gain customers. I don't get hacked by Sears or any other real company.

Also, they sell FAKE Gucci handbags?!

That's illegal too, right?Shouldn't Gucci step in and sue or something?

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I'm talking about you trying to cover your tracks. Shut up.


What the heck are you trying to say, "Sally"?Ummm yes, people *** into stuff and you know what?

It's called fraud. Look into it. Also, after searching for more info on this company, someone else who actually did business with this company never got thier merchandise. I never even did business with them.

They stole my email address and emailed all my friends and family as me.

That is fruad.Plain and simple.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #133414

Nice way of "trying" to cover yourself in your scam.

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